Our Story

Our Story

The Mission

While most companies are concerned about having you buy things that they are selling, We are focused on bringing you things worth buying.

Sure, ultimately what we discover are products, but it comes along with someone’s passion and imagination. It’s a world where better ideas win.

Our attempt is to provide a platform for great ideas which would otherwise be shadowed by large commercial brands or are lost in the ocean of marketplace.

We will do all the hard work required to discover, test, and launch the ideas worth sharing. This is our ultimate Goal.

Our Journey

We too, started with a blinking cursor… when we saw the world around us, we made the perfect consumer, but didn’t have the insight or passion to create…to innovate. That’s when we started thinking of bringing the change within ourselves, and with the enthusiasm to discover new ideas we started with our first project in 2015 a retail distribution company for innovative ideas.

Half a decade later when we traveled half the world we realized there is so much unexplored talent out there. Inventors, entrepreneurs, small businesses and social enterprises with great ideas, imagination and passion but lack a platform to reach the right audience.

Flip19, was born with the vision to be that platform. Discover ideas worth sharing.

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