Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom Essentials
    • Keep It Clean-Toothbrush Holder-White


      Bamboo divider is removable and keeps germs from spreading Dry Earth absorbs water, preventing bacteria + mold No-slip/ no-scratch base What is Dry Earth? A naturally absorbent material made from aquatic fossils found at the bottom of the sea, Dry Earth absorbs excess water, keeping the containers dry while preventing…

    • Keep, Tray, Love-Organizing Tray-White


      Keeps your countertop items in order Ceramic design is sleek, fits into your bathroom aesthetic No-slip/ no-scratch base

    • Marcus & Marcus Kids Interactive Sonic Silicone Toothbrush Set – Lola


      Sonic Silicone Toothbrush: Massage & gum care. Soft & flex long lasting silicone bristle in wide stroke. Double-sided with tongue cleaner. Ergonomic handle designed for kid’s hands. Replacement toothbrush head. Marcus & Marcus silicone and bristle replacement toothbrush heads are compatible with Marcus & Marcus toothbrushes. Interactive LCD Brushing Timer:…

    • Pick Me Up-Bathroom Canister-White


      Easy-to-remove lid or tilt to dispense cotton swabs Sleek ceramic and bamboo canister elevates your bathroom aesthetic No-slip/ no-scratch bas

    • Raise the Bar-Soap Dish-White


      Ridges keep soap from sitting in moisture – easy to clean between Ceramic design is sleek, fits into your bathroom aesthetic No-slip/ no-scratch base

    • Royal Plunge-Plunger-White


      Innovative plunger tucks neatly in a sleek ceramic holder Ceramic holder base is no-slip/no-scratch DryEarth™ absorbs water and prevents mold + bacteria

    • Soap Opera-12oz. Soap Dispenser-Gray


      Great for hand soap, dish soap, or lotion Window shows when soap or lotion is low

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