Dust Whisperer-Microfiber Duster-Gray/White

Dust Whisperer-Microfiber Duster-Gray/White

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Microfiber head works like a magnet to collect dust
Flexible handle reach into the tiniest spaces
Ideal for bookshelves, baseboards, ceiling fans and more
Replaceable duster head
Machine Washable

Out of stock

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Dust bunnies don’t stand a chance against this tool that picks up household fluff like a super-powered magnet. It’s bendable, super soft and (best of all) washable. Made of- Bamboo, microfiber filament, recycled plastic

Ah-choo! Banishing dust might be the first priority of this powerhouse to keep your nose from running, but as with all of our products we’ve made sure that every last bit is made with non-toxic materials, even down to the coating on our bamboo.


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