Grunge Buster-Grout & Tile Brush-Gray

Grunge Buster-Grout & Tile Brush-Gray

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Tough bristles for grout, soft for tile
Iron shape for easier scrubbing
Stands up for faster drying & less bacteria
Hangs or hooks for easy storage

Out of stock

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Tackle your tub with a brush that combines tough bristles for grout on the inside and softer bristles for tile on the outside. Curved handle lets you get down and dirty with less effort. Made of- Bamboo, recycled plastic

Mold and mildew really freak us out, but what’s even more scary is when the products you use to clean up are infested with toxic chemicals. We’ve designed the Grunge Buster to be totally safe, down to the non-toxic coating on the bamboo.


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