Suds Up-Soap-Dispensing Dish Sponge -Green

Suds Up-Soap-Dispensing Dish Sponge -Green

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Dispenses your favorite soap
Replaceable head keeps things clean and green
Super-absorbent, plant-based sponge

Out of stock

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Talk about one awesome duo! A bamboo handle plus a replaceable cellulose sponge head make dish duty fly by in a flash. And when you’re done, stand it up for fast, easy drying. Made of- Bonterra™ plant plastic, bamboo, cellulose, recycled plastic

We’re all about the details and that means the whole product lifecycle has been considered, down to the non-toxic coating on the bamboo. There’s some scary statistics out there about the nastiness associated with sponges. Have no fear, our plant-based sponge can be disinfected and contains no triclosan.


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