That! Inventions ScoopTHAT! Radii (black) Thermal Scoop

That! Inventions ScoopTHAT! Radii (black) Thermal Scoop

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The revolutionary Scoop THAT! utilizes heat transfer principles to draw heat from a non-electric and self-replenishing biodegradable liquid reservoir inside the sealed handle. That perfect scoop of ice cream has never been so easy to make!

ScoopTHAT! features a redesigned scoop head for bigger, rounder scoops in even the toughest ice cream. Whether you’re serving up root beer floats, apple pie à la mode, or just a good, ol’ fashioned bowl of everyone’s favorite dessert, you won’t find a better scoop anywhere else.

• Rugged aluminum and polypropylene construction
• World’s first thermo-ring heated scooping edges serves impeccably round scoops
• Dissipates cold on contact
• Beveled edge
• Non-stick surface
• Dishwasher safe.

1. Prior to first time use, clean using cold or warm water.
2. After each use, wash with soft sponge or wash cloth and mild dish washing liquid, wipe dry after cleaning.
3. Use a neutral detergent.


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